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"He who harnesses this world will someday wield great a power, sanctified by the ancient ones."

- Braken prophecy(src)

Braken SC2 Art1
Region Galactic fringe
Sector Koprulu Sector
Physical characteristics
Natural features
  • Jungle
Colony world
Allegiance Protoss Empire
Date Formerly(?)

Braken is a jungle world possessing great religious significance for the protoss.[1] It appears to be wholly covered by jungle, without any oceans.[2]

Braken's ancient temples located there were destroyed during the Great War, its shrines subsequently "invaded" by the jungle, which all but restored the planet to its natural state.[1]

Despite the amount of conflict Braken has seen, it is still rich with natural resources and in arcane religious significance.[1]

By 2503, Nova Terra had encountered protoss on this world.[3]


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