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The following article or section contains lore from the StarCraft RPG, which is not regarded as canon. Elements may be regarded as 'flavor lore' however.

"I will prove myself in combat and ascend the paths of the Khala."

- Bratalix(src)

Bratalix is a low ranking protoss zealot. Not surprising, considering that he is only a teenager in the eyes of his fellow protoss. He is a student of martial arts as well as one of enlightenment, hoping to become a high templar. He also seeks to prove himself against the zerg.

At some point after the Brood War, Bratalix was assigned to the Alliance, serving as the role of guardian and assault warrior for his squad. In truth, he enjoys the company of his terran companions, though he tries not to show it.

A few years after the Brood War, Bratalix and his squad took part in a mission to Dylar Station and the planet below, earning a medal for his trouble.


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