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The title of this article is conjectural. The subject has no canonical name.

"Broken-horned zergling"
Zergling SC2 CineConscience1







Zerg Swarm

Naktul Brood (?—early 2505)
Sarah Kerrigan's zerg forces (early 2505—)


A broken-horned zergling was often seen in the company of Sarah Kerrigan during the second phase of the Second Great War.



The zergling was a member of the Naktul Brood, either spawned during the arrival of the former Queen of Blades on Phaeton, or a pre-existing organism. Regardless, it took part in the mission to eradicate the Terran Dominion presence on the world. After the battle, the zergling proceeded to enter the special ops dropship its queen was using. Kerrigan reacted with hostility at first, drawing a C-10 rifle on it, but lowered her weapon. It remained with her after she chose to continue her course of vengeance.[1]

Hound of the SwarmEdit

The following section contains timeline information which isn't necessarily in chronological order.

The zergling was present on Char when Kerrigan sent her forces against General Horace Warfield. The zerg overran Warfield's compound and Warfield was impaled on a support beam, disabling him. The zergling advanced on the terran, but stood aside to let its queen deliver the coup de grace.[2]

ZerglingKerrigan SC2 BirthworldCine1

The zergling and its queen sense Zeratul's presence

The zergling was present with Kerrigan when the Dark Templar Zeratul appeared inside her leviathan. It stood aside as its queen and the protoss battled.[3]

Game EffectEdit

The zergling can be seen in the story mode space of Heart of the Swarm, pacing around the main characters between missions. The zergling will change accordingly depending on which evolutionary path is chosen in the game.


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