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Brother 2





Church of Besainted Pelagius



Brother 2 was a high ranking Brother of the Church of Besainted Pelagius. He was responsible for maintaining the Record of the Besainted Church.


When the Church settled on a remote Fringe World, Brother 2, like the rest of the following, was happy to do his work. However, a number of unsolved deaths began affecting the colony, the source being an invisible attacker. He, Pelagius and the rest of the High Brothers sought numerous means to catch the assassin but nothing worked. This inflicted great strain on his physical and mental health.

Pelagius said the cult would be the only survivors of the "end times" but Brother 2 believed the Confederacy's attack was this ending, and that they would be purged rather than survive.

The intruder was eventually caught, revealed to be an agent sent by the Terran Confederacy to terminate the religious movement. Not only was the ghost converted, but his psychic dampener technology was implanted in all the cult's members, Brother 2 included.


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