Bukari V is an arid terran controlled world where Axiom Ordnance constructs and tests their war machines. It is a rocky world with little to no rain on parts of it. There are very few resources on the world, save for vespene gas and other raw materials mined from the crust. The plant has four moons.

The major settlement on the surface is a complex run by the Axiom Corporation, which functions almost as a city. It has central executive complex where the higher ranking Axiom officials stay, as well as a shantytown where the workers are kept. A major factory complex lies in the center, where work is done in the open due to the lack of rain.

When Axiom Ordnance hired Ottmar Drenthe to do an advertisement for them, Drenthe instead helped the workers lead by Ayla on the planet rise up, destroying the executive complex and taking control of the planet.


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