"We can take cover in these bunkers if things get too dicey!"
Bunker SC-FM Art1

A bunker

The bunker is a terran defensive structure.


"Now we could use some chairs please. Pretty please."

- A Dominion marine commenting on the bunker's interior.(src)

Bunker SC1 CineAscension1

A line of bunkers

Bunkers, sometimes referred to as "battlefield coffins",[1] are low-domed structures that may be constructed with paristeel[2] or neosteel[3] plating. They may be built almost anywhere[4] using manufacturing processes which are standard for SCVs. Once erected the armor plating makes them very difficult to take apart.[2]

The bunker typically accommodates, but is not limited to, four individuals. Weapon ports are located on all sides, with ammunition racks above them. Entry and exit is through a single hatch to the rear.[3]

Bunker SC2 Rend2

A pair of bunkers, from the left a normal bunker and a bunker with Neosteel Frame.

Wolfe Industries sold an improved bunker firing port with a magnetic rail during the Second Great War; the rail increased the muzzle speed of fired projectiles.[5] Raynor's Raiders also developed upgrades during the war. The Shrike turret added an automated gun on the roof and was based on the zerg spore crawler. Another upgrade added an armored carapace to the exterior and was based on the ultralisk.[6]

Game StructureEdit


For StarCraft gameplay information see: Bunker (StarCraft).

StarCraft: GhostEdit

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Bunkers featured in the multiplayer of StarCraft: Ghost. They had three gun ports, the fourth side of the structure being open for entry.[7]

StarCraft IIEdit

For StarCraft gameplay information see: Bunker (StarCraft II).

Heroes of the StormEdit

Heroes DevLog2

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Bunker Heroes Game1

A bunker keep in Heroes of the Storm.

Bunkers appear as the fortresses and keeps on the Warhead Junction and Braxis Holdout maps of Heroes of the Storm.[8]

A modified version of the bunker appears as the model for the egg of Murky's Grunty skin in Heroes of the Storm.[8]

Known BunkersEdit

MarineBunker SC-G Game1

A bunker's rear entrance

Bunker VariantsEdit


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