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Burning Tides
BurningTides SC2 Map1



Volcanic (Redstone)



Extra Features

Burning Tides is a Blizzard Entertainment-generated custom melee map for StarCraft II, set on Redstone III. It was released on September 8th, 2010.[1]

Two teams compete to attain 15,000 minerals. Lava surges, similar to the ones from "The Devil's Playground", occur regularly that destroy everything on the low ground. After each surge some mineral pallets appears on low ground.

Burning Tides is an oddity in StarCraft II multiplayer as per its incorporation of game mechanics from singleplayer. The design team made a decision to leave out such mechanics in multiplayer due to reasons of balance. As such, while Burning Tides provides such mechanics, it is not a ladder map.[2]


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