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C-14GaussRifle SC2 Phys1

A pair of C-14s

The C-14 Impaler gauss rifle is a terran standard issue marine weapon of the Confederate and Dominion Marine Corps. It is very common in the Koprulu Sector.[1]


U238DUAmmoBox SC2 CineFireFury1

U-238 DU ammunition box

In use by 2478,[2] the C-14 fires hypersonic 8 mm armor-piercing metal "spikes"[3][1] which can penetrate up to two inches of steel plating.[4]

The Impaler is fully automatic with a fire rate of 30 rounds per second,[5] although fully automatic fire is discouraged under most circumstances. A capacitor system is used to fire the weapon in short bursts, conserving ammunition and minimizing power requirements.[1] Due to this, the C-14 rifle has high recoil; CMC armor is designed to suppress this.[2] The armor can also supplement the rifle's power supply.[5]

The C-14 has been used as automatic base defense weapon, mounted on a tower.[6]

The C-14 should not be confused with the AGR-14 rifle. Both are referred to as "assault rifles"[5] but the latter may be a scaled down version of the former.[7]


The C-14 is capable of firing a wide variety of ammunition;

Kal50 SC2-WoL CineFireFury1

Kal .5 Auto casing

  • Armor piercing: Used against heavily armored targets.[8]
  • Depleted uranium: Encompass U-238 shells/spikes. The most popular variant among marines given that they extend the rifle's range up to 25%.[9][3]
  • Hollow point spread: Flatten and expand on impact for maximum wounding efficiency. Custom made by Ardo Melnikov.[5]
  • Incendiary: Used against structures.[8]
  • Steel tipped: Used to maim rather than kill an enemy.[5]


1st Variant

C-14GaussRifle SC2 Art1

The current C-14 design

This variant was as used as far back as 2495[10] and remains the core variant.[9] It features a torch function,[11] a retractable bayonet[12][13] and can be used in conjunction with a M98 ballistic alloy combat shield.[9] It carries at least 200 rounds per magazine.[12]

2nd Variant

C-14GaussRifle SC1 Art1

Great War design

This variant of the C-14 was in use in the Great War. Although bulky, it features a far more streamlined design than later versions and CMC armor is not required to operate it.[5][14] The rifle features two grips; a smaller one, used by unarmored shooters, requires the user to use both hands to keep the barrel steady.[8] The other, larger grip is used by CMC armored soldiers, who are able to operate it with just one hand,[8] at the expense of accuracy.[15]

The rifle has an LED (light-emitting diode) magazine capacity indicator, showing how much ammunition remains in its magazine (hundreds of rounds).[16]

In addition, the rifle can launch fragmentation grenades[15] and can accept a laser designator[5] and RPG components.[16] Grapples may also be fired from the muzzle.[5]

Known Rifles


C-14GaussRifle SC-G Game1

Early gauss rifle imagery in StarCraft: Ghost

  • The ammunition counter on the second variant is similar to the counter on the pulse rifle from Aliens.
  • It appears that the original C-14 was originally intended to remain in use for StarCraft: Ghost, as early screenshots depict.


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