Doctor Callins was the head Terran Dominion scientist in charge Garxxax Base on the planet Garxxax. He was hot tempered, and would get into arguments with his subordinates constantly.


Doctor Callins headed Garxxax base, and was in charge of the research projects conducted there. He coined the term "jungle jeep" to describe the mohicans, which Security Chief Illyana Jorres suspected only caught on because the other scientists were kissing up to him. Due to his short temper, Callins constantly butted heads with Dannion Kortter, and Illyana would be the one who would have to break them apart.

In 2501, a zerg behemoth landed on Garxxax, releasing its brood. The impact destroyed biosphere three and six, which caused Callins to confront Illyana and Dannion angrily. Illyana ordered him to assemble the staff and call for an evacuation shuttle, which Callins protested but eventually did.

Callins gathered his scientists into the central lobby. Illyana then reported that the zerg were in the area, and Callins and his group tried to get to the armory to defend themselves. However, the zerg surrounded the scientists, killing Callins and the rest of his staff.[1]


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