Cam Fraser is a terran marine and member of Raynor's Raiders.


Fraser fought in the Battle of Char, and was one of those who followed Jim Raynor into the primary hive cluster, finding the body of a de-infested Sarah Kerrigan. He was present when Tychus Findlay revealed his true colors, and when Raynor shot him. As the Raiders left with Kerrigan in toe, Fraser hesitantly asked about Findlay. Raynor responded that they weren't going to carry the body of a traitor.

The Raiders made their way across the surface of Char, the zerg now feral, but just as deadly, Fraser and the other marines shooting any zerg that got in their way. Captain Matt Horner gave the surface team rendezvous coordinates, but Fraser indicated that the plateau they were headed for was crawling with zerg. Raynor grimly pointed out that the same was true for the entire planet, and that their only recourse was to head for the site, hold off the zerg, and wait for a dropship to arrive. Raynor later assigned Fraser to go ahead with Rolfsen and meet with Lisle and Haynes, who were transporting the xel'naga device.

Much later, Fraser accompanied Raynor onto Space Station Prometheus, a Moebius Foundation base in which they sought refuge from the pursuing Dominion Fleet. Fraser was allowed access to the station with supervision, though it turned out that Moebius was in league with the Dominion.[1]


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