Camy was a grifter based in Hacker's Flat, Tarsonis City who used sex appeal to rope in victims. She was addicted to the drug crab.


In 2488, during the Guild Wars, Camy spotted a young and wealthy Ark Bennet (of the Old Families) in Hacker's Flat, checking a map. Deciding he made easy prey, she seductively approached him, introducing herself as "Laura Posy." She directed him to a bar where she slipped drugs into his drink, causing him to fall unconscious.

Two of her male companions stripped him of valuables, but as they checked his identification they realized he belonged to the Old Families. They couldn't hold him hostage as the Tarsonis Police Force would crush them. However, the Confederate Marine Corps often accepted "questionable" recruits.

She delivered him to a recruiting sergeant, Harley Ross, who "bought" Bennet with two packages of crab. Camy kept his Old Family identity secret, instead 'theorizing' that he was a college student.


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