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This article or section concerns fan-created content.

Card Shuffle is an Arcade-spotlighted custom map for StarCraft II. It is a card game, authored by "Fulla."


Card Shuffle is a team vs. team game.[2] When the game starts, the player presented with various heroes and card decks each with their own unique traits. Every hero has two special abilities that can complement the different decks in various ways. The Devourer, for instance, summons a free unit whenever the player uses a card that creates a minion. Combining it with the "Beyond the Grave" deck - which focuses on overwhelming one's opponents with low-cost minions - can lead to a very early advantage. Alternatively, the Devourer’s heal ability synergies well with the "Machine Spirit" deck which contains minions with large healthpools. It is recommended that players try different combinations to suit their playstyle.[3] Players gain a new card with every ten minerals, the counter of which rises steadily. Using cards costs energy. Cards may be dropped, slightly decreasing the time until the next card draw.[2]

Known HeroesEdit

Known DecksEdit

  • Beyond the Grave (summons low cost minions)
  • Machine Spirit (summons high cost minions)


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