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Carolina Davis
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Leader of the Defenders of Man

General Carolina Davis is a Terran Dominion military officer and leader of the Defenders of Man separatist group.[1]


Carolina Davis was a general under the reign of Emperor Arcturus Mengsk, and a friend to the Mengsk Dynasty. After the death of Arcturus, his son Valerian Mengsk rose to the seat of Emperor. Years later, she took leadership of the Defenders of Man separatist group, who saw Valerian's rule as weak and affirmed that strong leadership was needed for the Terran Dominion.[1]

Grayson had ghost agents Nova Terra and Stone assigned to the Defenders of Man with the aid of a Terran Dominion admiral.[2] The two placed psi-emitters on Antiga Prime, causing the planet to be overrun by feral zerg. However, the two discovered this and intended to bring the evidence of their mission files to the Terran Dominion.[3] Nova and Stone were captured, and Davis ordered them to be mind wiped, but not before Nova was able to get a good look at her.[1]

As the zerg attacks began to escalate, Davis and Magistrate Grayson went on Kate Lockwell's Universal News Network program to discuss the Dominion's disaster relief policies. Davis defended the Dominion's relief efforts to Antiga Prime, which had sighted zerg on their planet, stating the Terran Dominion stands by its people. Davis was praised by what Kate Lockwell described as "a surprising source."[4]

After the Defenders of Man engineered the zerg attack on Tyrador IX, Davis spoke to UNN regarding the tragic zerg attacks, and made a statement on the new protoss threat in the Tal'darim that had entered the conflict.[5] After Nova recovered her memories using terrazine, she remembered that Davis was leading the Defenders of Man. She presented this to Valerian Mengsk, who insisted that Nova follow his plan and not assassinate her. Nova reluctantly agreed, and Valerian contacted Davis, stating his intention to step down as Emperor of the Terran Dominion.[1]


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