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Shakurus SC1 Art2

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"Carrier has arrived."

- A carrier commander.(src)

Carrier SC2 Art2
Earliest sighting

Second Age

Latest sighting





Numerous engines


Purifier beam


Yes (warp space)


Fleet command ship[1]

The carrier is a protoss heavy air unit.


Purification SC-Com6 Comic1

A fleet of carriers

Carriers are among the most powerful warships in the protoss arsenal,[2] and frequently take point in fleet maneuvers.[1] In use prior to the Discord,[3] they serve as command centers for fleet commanders,[4] though some terrans think this position will be taken by the void ray.[5]

Carriers have forward mounted energy weapons used for purification[6][7]; they lack other armament beyond interceptors.[4] Carriers may make warp space jumps,[7] carry psychic boosters for communication, and can operate in both atmospheric and deep space conditions,[8] easily descending into a planet's atmosphere if the need arises.[1] Carrier commanders have private quarters.[8]


Carrier SC2-LotV-R Cine1

Early carrier design

Carriers are large, heavily armored, and are protected by plasma shields.[4] When constructing these ships, Khalai craftsmen meticulously shape high-density alloys into thick curved plates, using extreme temperatures to remove any structural imperfections which could compromise their strength. Afterwards, the alloy is subject to a complex surface treatment that involves different gasses and substances. The resulting hull plates are not easily breached, be it through kinetic, thermal, or biological means.[9]

Carrier SC1 CineInaguration1

A carrier during the Great War

The carrier's hangar is capable of housing craft such as scouts and arbiters.[8] Connected to the hangar is an automated manufacturing plant that produces interceptors. Khalai engineers work in the plant, where they see to the interceptors' maintenance and launch operations. After the Great War, the protoss sought to improve carrier efficiency, which led to the installation of the graviton catapult.[9]

Carrier SC-FM Art1

Current carrier design

In 2506, during the End War, phase-smith Karax was able to miniaturize the Spear of Adun's reconstruction beam technology that allowed it to remotely repair mechanical units and structures. This allowed the Daelaam to arm their carriers with automated drones that could do the same types of repairs, greatly enhancing the longevity of their carriers.[10]

Game UnitEdit


For StarCraft gameplay information see: Carrier (StarCraft).
For StarCraft in-game quotations see: StarCraft Carrier Quotations.

StarCraft: GhostEdit

StarCraft Ghost Logo2

This article or section contains information about StarCraft: Ghost, which has been declared non-canon. Elements may be taken as 'flavor lore' however.
The content may be significantly out of date. Please do not add speculation to this article, and remember to cite a published source for details.

Carrier SC-G Game1

A carrier in Ghost

Carriers were to appear in StarCraft: Ghost.[11]

StarCraft IIEdit

For StarCraft II gameplay information see: Carrier (StarCraft II).
For StarCraft II in-game quotations see: StarCraft II Carrier Quotations.

Known CarriersEdit

Carrier SC2 Art1

A carrier


Known Carrier CommandersEdit

Carrier SC2 Head2

A carrier commander


According to a Diablo III post, carriers are equipped with plasma charges, allowing them to punch through enemy formations.[12] This stands in contrast to information which states that carriers are bereft of ship-based weaponry bar interceptors and the purifier beam.[4][6] The interceptors themselves are fitted with two small plasma cannons.[9]


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