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Centerville is a settlement on the Fringe World of Shiloh. The town has a main street, town square and colonial courthouse. and has/had its own demolition team.

During the Guild Wars, the settlement became weakned by a poor economy. Many of its youth volunteered for the Confederate Armed Forces during the conflict, in part spurred by the poor conditions.[1] Despite this, the town continued to contract economically, and many residents suffered from cancer through bad cheap food provided by the Confederacy. Only Farm Aid, a series of donations from wealthy patrons through the Confederate government, kept the town going at all. By 2494/'95, the town was much smaller than it had been just over half a decade ago.[2]

After the Guild Wars, the town was a site of a war memorial to all those soldiers from Shiloh who died during the conflict.[2]

Known ResidentsEdit


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