Cephied Boulevard is a pedestrianized walkway situated in the heart of Elsecaro on Tyrador IX. Its structures are individualistic rather than uniform from SCV construction. It has irregularly patterned bricks and has establishments such as tourist shops, art galleries, delicatessans, bars and restaurants. Various types of food are available, their aromas saturating the area. At night, the area is illuminated by lights situated in trees and silk lanterns.

In 2481, it was the site of an attack by anti-Confederate rebels, targeting off-duty Confederate soldiers. Marine lieutenant Arcturus Mengsk and a pair of Umojan bodyguards fought back, killing them, but only Mengsk survived the firefight. The Tyrador armed forces arrived after the battle, commending Mengsk as a hero.


  • Cephied is the name of a tale and dream-city by H. P. Lovecraft.


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