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The following section contains information from StarCraft: Retribution.

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Zerg Crusaders
The Fragile Alliance


The Cerebrate was a leader of the unnamed zerg brood of the Zerg Crusaders which created The Fragile Alliance. It somehow possessed xel'naga technology found in ruins on Aridas, which let it control a small protoss tribe. The cerebrate became a target by Jenson's Raiders of the Terran Dominion, who had to decide between destroying the cerebrate or capturing it for study.[1]

Plot branch : Jenson's Raiders capture the cerebrate.

Jenson's Raiders captured the cerebrate, which drew the aggression of the protoss and zerg under its control.[1] The Raiders destroyed both armies, and brought the cerebrate back to a research station, much to the ire of the Aridas Colonial Militia. Other zerg brood attempted to assault the facility to reclaim the cerebrate, but the assault failed.[2]

Plot branch : Jenson's Raiders destroy the cerebrate.

Jenson's Raiders destroyed the body of the cerebrate, breaking the hold it had over the protoss tribe. The protoss and zerg then turned on one another, but were outnumbered by Jenson's Raiders, who wiped out the both of them.[1] In response to its destruction, the Zerg Crusaders sent a massive wave against the Dominion lines, overrunning Science Station 12.[3]


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