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"Each of us is shackled to his will and to the will of he who is in the link above. And yet, there is a way to ascend. By blade and blood, any Tal'darim can usurp the position of the one above his station."

- Alarak, explaining the Chain of Ascension(src)

The Chain of Ascension is the societal order used by the Tal'darim who worship Amon. It is said that the Chain runs from Amon himself, and that every Tal'darim is part of this sacred link.[1] Only younglings are exempted from the Chain.[2]


The Chain applies to each and every Tal'darim, and enforces a strict structure of rank. Any Tal'darim can give orders to those lower in the chain than themself. The strong survive, weaker links in the chain are removed, and the Tal'darim as a whole become stronger.

Gaps in the chain open up over time as Tal'darim perish. A formalized method of moving up the Chain is through Rak'Shir duels, where the number of combatants ranges from two, to thousands. In large duels, multiple gaps in the Chain may open up, and a Tal'darim may find themselves rising up to even a hundred links in a single bound. The higher one moves up the Chain, the more the desire to ascend boils down to personal ambition rather than factional disputes that are present in the Chain's lower areas.[1]


The highlord of the Tal'darim is at the highest point of the chain. Below him/her comes ascendants, whose rank increases as their title number is lowered (e.g. the first ascendant is of higher rank than the second ascendant). Votary is a lower rank than that of ascendant.[1] Supplicants are a type of Tal'darim warrior that provide their essence for ascendants and the highlord himself.[3][4]


In Heroes of the Storm, Alarak (in his 'gag quotes') claims that the Chain of Ascension wasn't the first concept the Tal'darim employed. A "Carousel of Omnipotence" was one such concept he was partial to, but it never went anywhere.[5]


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