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The following section contains information from Aiur Chef and is not necessarily canon.

"En Taro Cuisine!"

- Cry from Aiur Chef(src)

Chairman Khala
TassadarEternal SC2 Head1





Khalai (?)

Chairman Khala is the host of Aiur Chef. He starts a show with a cry of "En Taro Cuisine!". He then states the ingredient for the round. At the end of the game, he announces the winner.[1]


Khala is just the Tassadar unit from StarCraft II with a different name. "En Taro Cuisine" is a parody of the protoss's battle cry "En Taro Adun" and Iron Chef's chairman's "Alla Cuisine". Also, "Khala" is the protoss empathic link, and is a pun on the name of Chairman Kaga from Iron Chef.


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