The Chandler was a ship in service of Raynor's Raiders, most likely 'liberated' from the Dylarian Shipyards.


The ship was present above Char when Jim Raynor led his forces there, only to be boarded by the zerg, an action which drew the attention of the protoss ships also in orbit. Warriton made a transmission to Jim Raynor from the ship, telling him of the attack.

Although one of the protoss ships' energy weapons hit a shuttle from the Chandler, incinerating one of the ship's wings and damaging most of the engine, Lieutenant Abernathy managed to bring a it down from it mostly in one piece. The zerg were also dealt with, although only twenty-four of the maximum forty passengers survived.

Throughout the Raiders' time on Char, the shuttle from the Chandler served as a base of operations, providing shelter and storage and a hope that, if enough parts could be salvaged, a way off the planet. Due to a zerg attack, however, the Raiders were forced to abandon it.[1]


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