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Chandra Patel was a terran doctor who possessed exceptional credentials. Her fields of expertise included psychology and neuroscience.

Physically, she possessed dark hair and was not a large woman.


Assigned to archeological digs, Patel found herself helping the staff of "cushier assignments" when compared to digs on worlds such as Gelgaris. Despite archeology not being her field of expertise, she still possessed great interest in the subject.

In 2503, Patel was assigned by Mr. V with other intellectuals to a team led by "maverick" archeologist Jake Ramsey, heading for an alien relic on the world of Nemaka. The constant, never changing nature of the artificial climate was frustrating her, but that did not mean her work was uneventful. Something about the artifact unnerved the terrans investigating it, Patel providing counseling to members such as Leslie Crane. However, her efforts were useless against the 'feeling' generated by the relic and due to keeping doctor-patient confidentiality, Ramsey couldn't help either.

Regardless, entry to the artifact was eventually achieved by Ramsey, only for him to be attacked by an alien being. Patel studied the effects of the attack, finding that Ramsey's brain was being rewired. However, she lacked the equipment required to do a full analysis and as such, the Gray Tiger was called in to transport him.

Ramsey eventually recovered, which coincided with the mercenary team assigned to protect them showing its true colors, taking them prisoner for interrogation. However, due to a rampant marine, the ship's life support systems were destroyed, leaving Patel and her colleagues to die.[1]


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