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The following is a list of major characters in the StarCraft games. For a full list of StarCraft universe characters, see Category: Characters.

StarCraft II Characters Edit

Terran Characters Edit

TychusFindlay SC2 Head4 Square ArielHanson SC2 DevStory1 MattHorner SC2 Head1
Tychus Findlay Ariel Hanson Matt Horner
ArcturusMengsk SC2 Head2 ValerianMengsk SC2 Head1 Square JimRaynor SC2 Head1
Arcturus Mengsk Valerian Mengsk Jim Raynor
RorySwann SC2 Head1 Nova SC2 Head2 GabrielTosh SC2 Head1
Rory Swann Nova Terra Gabriel Tosh

Protoss Characters Edit

Artanis SC2 Head2 Selendis SC2 Head1 Zeratul SC2 Head1
Artanis Selendis Zeratul

Zerg Characters Edit

Abathur SC2 Game2 Izsha SC2 Game2 SarahKerrigan SC2-HotS Head6
Abathur Izsha Sarah Kerrigan

Other Characters Edit

DarkVoice SC2 Head1

StarCraft: Ghost Characters Edit

Nova SC-G Head1 JacksonHauler SC-G Head1
Nova Jackson Hauler

StarCraft I Characters Edit

Terran Characters Edit

DuGalle SC1 HeadAnim1 EdmundDuke SC1 HeadAnim1 SarahKerrigan SC1 HeadAnim1
Gerard DuGalle Edmund Duke Sarah Kerrigan
ArcturusMengsk SC1 HeadAnim JimRaynor SC1 HeadAnim1 AlexeiStukov SC1 HeadAnim1
Arcturus Mengsk Jim Raynor Alexei Stukov

Protoss Characters Edit

Aldaris SC1 HeadAnim1 Artanis SC1 HeadAnim FenixDragoon SC1 HeadAnim1
Aldaris Artanis Fenix
Raszagal SC1 Head1 Tassadar SC1 HeadAnim1 Zeratul SC1 Head1
Raszagal Tassadar Zeratul
DarkArchon SC1 HeadAnim1

Zerg Characters Edit

Daggoth SC1 HeadAnim1 InfestedKerrigan SC1 Head1 Zergeye2
Daggoth Infested Kerrigan Overmind
Zergeye2 Cerebrate Sc1 HeadAnim1
Second Overmind Zasz

Other Characters Edit

SamirDuran SC1 Head1
Samir Duran
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