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Charles Whittier is a twenty-something red-haired man who acts as Valerian Mengsk's assistant.[1] He always looks nervous.[1][2]

Whittier spent a lot of time in space, more than he would have liked to.[3]

There were many things that Valerian was comfortably unaware of, and it was Whittier's duty to maintain that state of innocence. Arcturus Mengsk believed that Valerian was a bit naïve and idealistic, despite his background, and wanted Valerian to maintain that state for now, which he used Whittier for.[1]


Whittier was introduced to Valerian Mengsk during his childhood, when Valerian and his mother were on the run from Confederate assassins. Valerian was always a little suspicious of him., thinking he reported to his father, but Whittier helped the two manage their affairs in their new environments.[3]

Whittier was present during the Raid on Umoja, where the Confederate Resistance Forces tried to kill Arcturus Mengsk at Ailin Pasteur's house. Whittier helped the ill Juliana Pasteur, mother of Valerian Mengsk, to move to safety and reported on the Confederate communications jamming. Arcturus ordered him to a safe room along with the Pasteurs and a pair of soldiers.[3]

Whittier passed secret orders to the Gray Tiger which were very different than Valerian Mengsk intended, and he later hid the truth about the kidnapping of the archaeologists, for instance covering for Jake Ramsey being placed in a cell despite his illness.[1]

Valerian Mengsk eventually realized he had been betrayed, but not by whom.[2]

Whittier continued to assist Valerian Mengsk in his attempts to retrieve Jake Ramsey, such as arranging a small fleet to travel to Aiur to rescue him. Valerian asked him to keep the fleet a secret from Arcturus Mengsk.[2]

Valerian became suspicious of Whittier due to Arcturus Mengsk's betrayal of Ramsey.[4]


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