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Charlie Squad, also known as Death's Head 2-0-1, was a terran marine unit from the Dominion Marine Corps' Omega Squadron.


In 2502,[1] following the Brood War, Charlie Squad was sent to the surface of Artika as part of the first wave against zerg forces. They secured the landing zone, but the sergeant had been killed in the process, so Private Jin-ho Lim took command of the squad. They proceeded to their second objective of securing the xel'naga temple on the planet. Not long after one of the marines spotted it were they ambushed by cloaked, Zer'atai Dark Templar. At the request of a member of the squad, a ComSat station provided a scanner sweep so that the marines were able to see their enemies. Lim was the only member of Charlie Squad to survive the attack and he made it inside the temple. It was there that he was confronted by Khastiana, a protoss zealot. After a brief confrontation between the two, Khastiana realized that Lim's mind had been tampered with. She released his mind from the horrible processes that had been done to it and revealed his painful memories to him. Lim reacted in terror in hatred by yelling "Why did you make me remember?!" and turning his sidearm pistol on her. The zergling Scar attacked Lim from behind and killed him, thus bringing an end to Charlie Squadron.[2]

Known MembersEdit


It is likely that there are many Charlie Squads, as it is not uncommon for military organizations to reuse codenames for squads of soldiers.


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