Charn, nicknamed "Cherry" by Garrick, was a terran marine who was deployed to a world overrun by the zerg.


Charn's first assignment was on a frozen world threatened by the Zerg Swarm. His squad's orders were to stay put, and wait for the zerg to be spotted in force so a tactical nuclear strike could be called down, then the ghost assigned to their group would call for evacuation. However, the ghost had gone quiet, and nobody could raise him on communications, and now the bunker's heat was out. Charn played cards against his bunkermates, Prescott, Garrick and Kort to decide who would go out to find the ghost. Prescott lost, but it was revealed Garrick used an extra nine of diamonds. Garrick went berserk and refused to go out, saying he had been through enough. Charn offered to go.

Charn moved toward the south tower in a shoddily thrown together unsealed CMC Powered Combat Suit, encountering zerglings on the way. He used the last of the ammo of his AGR-14, and was forced to switch to his C-7 pistol. Eventually, after suffering some small injuries, Charn made it to the tower and climbed in.

Charn saw the view from the tower, where the moonlight from the planet's two moons revealed a massive zerg swarm on the horizon. Charn found the ghost standing still in the back of the room, and demanded to know why he hadn't called for an evacuation ship. When he saw the swarm, he told him to call down the nuke so everyone could go home. The ghost responded "already done," and Charn noticed the neural parasite on the back of his head. The ghost activated his personal cloak, and a red dot appeared on the floor as the sound of machinery got louder.


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