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Christmas Rush
ChristmasRush SC1 Map1



Space platform


128 x 192

Christmas Rush is a Blizzard Entertainment Map of the Month, a series of free maps released by Blizzard for StarCraft.


The map is themed on the idea of Christmas. Buildings representing Christmas presents are scattered across the map, and every player controls a civilian. Moving a civilian to a building destroys it to unwrap the gift, giving the player a random combination of units. Moving further up the tree typically results in the gifts giving better units. Players must use their units to kill the other players' civilians to keep them from opening gifts. Killed civilians respawn near the bottom of the tree.

Regularly, Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus (a shuttle and a dropship, respectively) spawn and fly around the map at random, replacing lost gifts with new ones. Under certain circumstances, they will also place a unique package at the very top of the tree that contains a "Cute Little Puppy," a torrasque.

The first player to "open" thirty packages is the winner.


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