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Shakurus SC1 Art2

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Shakurus SC1 Art2

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Chuck Ayers

April, 2500, Char






TerranConfederacy SC1 Logo1 Terran Confederacy (?—January 1, 2500)
AlphaSquadron SC1 Logo1a Alpha Squadron (?—February, 2500)
SonsOfKorhal SC1 Logo1 Sons of Korhal (January 1, 2500—February, 2500)
RaynorsRaiders SC2 Logo1 Raynor's Raiders (February, 2500–)



Chuck Ayers was a short, slightly aged man who served as a career soldier in Alpha Squadron under Edmund Duke, defecting with the general to the Sons of Korhal on Antiga Prime. He abandoned the Sons of Korhal after the Fall of Tarsonis however, following Jim Raynor. Although Raynor did not completely trust Ayers, considering him a possible mole and keeping an eye on him as a result, Ayers proved to be nothing but an asset.

Roughly two months after his defection, Ayers was on the surface of Char with a fairly large Raiders force, partnered with Ari Patel. Descending into tunnels below the planet's surface, Ayers took point, a position that led him to come face to face with a hydralisk. Ayers barely had enough time to call out before the hydralisk gutted him, lying in a pool of his own blood with both arms missing in a matter of seconds.


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