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"Screw you son, give me a choice between a filly and a mare, I'll take the mare every time. She knows what she's doing and she'll make sure you do it right."

- Chuck Horner(src)

Charles "Chuck" Horner was a large, dumb-looking marine with the "aw shucks" demeanor of a "good ol' boy" raised on a fringe world; his thick shouldered, broad featured appearance hid his sharp mind and quick wit. Possessing natural leadership, he was a good poker player, a skill that both his father and grandfather possessed in the Confederate Army.

Horner served under Arcturus Mengsk in the Confederate Marine Corps, becoming the second-in-command of Dominion section after their action on Sonyan in removing Kel-Morian miners from their claim in Turanga Canyon by force, in which Horner helped flank the enemy position alongside fellow section members Yancy Gray and Toby Mercurio. After the battle, he became Mengsk's unnoficial second in command and continued to serve with him over the next five years, serving on worlds such as Parragos and Pho-Rekh. By 2485 he had been commissioned as a lieutenant -- the same year in which he fought in the Battle of Noranda Glacier and subsequently served the Confederacy in the Guild Wars.

Horner survived his term of service unscathed, reaching the rank of captain by the end of it, and had married Carla, a woman he met on leave. After leaving the military, he entered civilian life and after saying farewell to Mengsk at the Dylarian Shipyards, he and Carla moved to Mar Sara, hoping to make a new life for themselves. He never saw his former CO again.


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