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Cloaking SC2 CineNova1

A ghost cloaking

A cloaked unit is a unit rendered invisible to enemies, unless an enemy detector is nearby. These include burrowed units. Cloaked (and a few burrowed) units may attack without uncloaking; terran cloaked units require energy to maintain their camouflage, and the cloak will be disabled when it is depleted.

The ability to approach unseen, attack while invisible, and fade away makes cloaked units ideal for ambushes, raids on worker lines, and scouting.


Detectors are the normal method of revealing cloaked units.

When invisible, cloaked and moving burrowed units may be tracked by their slight "rippling" distortions. Invisible units retain their collision radius; their position may be given away if visible units must move around an invisible one. Detectors are still needed to target invisible units even if they are found these ways.

Cloaking SC2 CineBetterTomorrow1

A spectre cloaking

Detectors are not the only way to deal with cloaked units. Some special abilities affect or reveal cloaked units. Cloaked units are affected by splash damage; it is possible to attack a friendly unit with splash damage attack to damage surrounding invisible cloaked units.


Cloaked units include:


DarkTemplar SC1 GameAnim1

Dark templar are permanently cloaked warriors



  • Wraith with Cloaking Field upgrade
  • Ghost with Personal Cloaking upgrade.


StarCraft IIEdit





  • Cloaking in StarCraft was inspired by the Giant Sea Turtle and the Gnomish Submarine from Warcraft II. These underwater units could not be detected without air units, nearby towers, or other underwater units.

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