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"I am Executor Clolarion. I address the leader of the Firstborn."

- Cloarion to Artanis(src)

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Protoss Empire (formerly)

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Clolarion was an ancient purifier based off of the template of the brain scan of Executor Clolarion, considered to be one of the greatest protoss warriors. The purifier retained the rank of executor, and took part in the Purifier Rebellion, fighting against its Conclave masters. The Clolarion purifier was sealed in Cybros along with the rest of the purifiers.

In 2506, during the End War, the Daelaam under the command of Hierarch Artanis came to Cybros to reactivate the purifiers. Clolarion acted as their spokesman and leader during the mission, and ordered the Purifiers to engage the zerg on the station, and then purified the surface of Endion, the forest moon Cybros orbited.

With the battle over, Artanis asked the purifiers to join the Daelaam in the war against Amon. Clolarion questioned his sincerity and how the purifiers would be treated, but agreed to consult with the other purifier commanders. They accepted the offer and joined forces with the Daelaam.[1]


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