Cloning is the process used to create copies of DNA fragments (molecular cloning), cells (cell cloning), or organisms.


Since the end of twenty-first century cloning was significantly developed on Earth, rising steadily into the public forum. It was eventually banned by the United Powers League along with other manipulative sciences such as gene-spicing and cybernetic enhancement.[1]

The supercarriers which brought the ancestors of the terrans to the Koprulu Sector included cloning technology. The technology could no longer be maintained after about 50 years after the ships' arrival.[2]

Hybrid CloningEdit

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The cloned hybrids

By 2504 the Terran Dominion was attempting to use the technology to clone hybrids such as Test subject 405-GLTV3 at a facility on Castanar.[3]

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This article or section contains information from the optional Rebellion Missions in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

Raynor's Raiders discovered and destroyed the facility.[3]


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