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This article or section concerns fan-created content.

Clownz's Gladiator Arena is an arcade-spotlighted fan game for StarCraft II. It was created by "Clownz."


The game pits six players in an arena of death where everyone must work together to take down one of over 30 unique bosses. The controls are simple: right click to move, left click to attack. However, these simple controls are pushed to their limits as the creatures you face require split second timing and teamwork to defeat.

The arena spawns random power-ups which can help turn the tides of battle. These power-ups include bonuses to players' speed and damage; however, one of the most valuable power-ups increases one's vision allowing a player to more easily avoid damage and manage the battlefield.[1]

At the start of a match, players spawn in the middle of an arena, at which point a boss is unleashed. Each boss is unique and requires a different strategy to defeat.[2] Defeating a boss earns a player loot as well as credits that they can spend to permanently improve their gear. Additionally, as one's gladiator levels up, they'll earn new models to show off their strength. A player's gladiator’s progress is automatically saved, and when a player starts a new game they are able to jump right into higher level fights based upon their progress.[1]


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