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Colors are used to distinguish different players in StarCraft and StarCraft II.


In multiplayer matches, players cannot choose their own color before a game starts.

Player Number Color Terran Name Zerg Name Protoss Name
1 Red Elite Guard Tiamat Brood Ara Tribe
2 Blue Mar Sara Surtur Brood Sargas Tribe
3 Teal (most common hero color) Kel-Morian Combine Fenris Brood Akilae Tribe
4 Purple Antiga Jormungand Brood Furinax Tribe
5 Orange Delta Squadron Garm Brood Auriga Tribe
6 Brown (green in desert maps) Omega Squadron (StarCraft), Atlas Wing (Brood War) Grendel Brood Venatir Tribe
7 White (green on ice maps) Alpha Squadron (StarCraft), Cronus Wing (Brood War) Baelrog Brood Shelak Tribe
8 Yellow Epsilon Squadron Leviathan Brood Velari Tribe

StarCraft IIEdit

Players are able to choose their color before a custom match starts.

There are eight player colors available in games of less than 7 players: red, blue, teal, purple, yellow, orange, green and white. More colors are available in games with 8 players. Note how units are specifically colored on certain tilesets so that they don't blend into the background.

In single-player missions, colors are not explicitly associated with force names, but red terrans are usually The Dominion and blue Raynor's Raiders. The Tal'darim protoss faction are teal/aqua. Kerrigan's Swarm is consistently colored purple in Wings of Liberty.

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