The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

The colossus used to have an ability to enhance its shields:

  • Null-Flux Generator


Colossus SC2 Game4

The colossus's old method of attack

The colossus' attack used to be a sweeping beam which would destroy one unit, then sweep to another unit and destroy it, continually destroying weaker enemy units. However, the attack could only damage one unit at a time.[3] The attack was later changed to a "spray" of beams capable of targeting five units.[4] The attack has more recently changed to resemble the original sweeping animation, but continuing to inflict splash damage.[5]

By June 2008, the attack animation was changed to be a sweeping beam, with the animation taking about a second to complete. Despite the new appearance, all targets continued to take damage simultaneously.[5][6] The attack always strikes a linear area perpendicular to the direction the colossus is facing. This allows for a fine degree of control.[7][8][9]

Colossus SC2 GameAnim1

The colossus attacking reapers during the alpha

The attack was weak against buildings at BlizzCon 2008[10] but the damage figures were more recently altered.[11]

The colossus' cooldown was lengthened between BlizzCon 2008 and January 2009, but its damage was also increased.[11]

The beams could not be stopped by a mothership's Time Bomb ability.[12]


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