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A concussive shell

Concussive shells are a type of explosive projectile that can be fired by the Quad K12 grenade launcher. On detonation, these shells generate a temporary gravitational warp that disrupts the gravity field surrounding a target or, in certain models, a group of targets. The warp is not powerful enough to affect anything of massive scale, but Dominion engineers remain optimistic about finding a way to correct this flaw. Concussive shells are a solid, tactical addition to any arsenal.[1]

Game EffectEdit

SC2ConcussiveShells Concussive Shells

Marauder attacks slow the movement speed of non-massive enemy units by 50%. Only affects one target at a time.

Purchased from Tech lab attached to barracks
Hotkey G
Cost 50 Minerals Terran SC1 50 Gas Terran SC1 60Time SC2 Game1


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