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The Moebius Factor


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Wings of Liberty


Wings of Liberty


October, 2504


Typhon XI


Raiders retrieve artifact


RaynorsRaiders SC2 Logo1 Raynor's Raiders

Tal'darimStandard SC2 Logo1 Tal'darim


RaynorsRaiders SC2 Logo1 Jim Raynor

Tal'darimStandard SC2 Logo1 Nyon


Tal'darim Guardians




Tychus Findlay

Required Number of Missions



Seize the Xel'Naga Artifact

Optional Objective(s)

Collect 4 protoss relics



New Unit(s)


Supernova is a StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty mission. Raynor's Raiders tried to collect a xel'naga artifact before being terminated by an imminent supernova.[1]



At the beginning of the Second Great War, Raynor's Raiders was hired by the Moebius Foundation to retrieve the components to a xel'naga device (secretly for Prince Valerian Mengsk).[2] The Foundation directed the Raiders to Typhon XI and the fourth component. The Tal'darim anticipated the move from previous encounters and were already dug in around the component when the terrans arrived.[1]

The operation assumed even greater urgency when the output of the local star jumped 500% as a prelude for going nova. The planet surface was already being affected by massive firestorms. The Raiders had mere hours before the stellar event.[1]

The MissionEdit

The Raiders cleared an initial base location with newly acquired Banshees. The terrans realized they could use their mobile structures to keep ahead of the firestorm. A large supply cache was established planet side precluding the need for supply depots.[1]

Once again the Tal'darim failed to stop the terran intruders.[1]

Heir ApparentEdit

"Sir, Dominion ships warping in. Mengsk's flagship is leading them."
StarCraft 2 Heir Apparent Cinematic (spoiler)02:44

StarCraft 2 Heir Apparent Cinematic (spoiler)

Raynor's Raiders kept a scheduled rendezvous with Moebius Foundation after Typhon XI. They were surprised to be met by Dominion battlecruisers, led by the imperial flagship Bucephalus. The Dominion ships took no hostile action, but Raynor ordered Hyperion to latch onto the enemy flagship for a boarding action. The rebel expected Emperor Arcturus Mengsk to be aboard. However, having fought through the defenders, Raynor was surprised to confront the Emperor's son, Prince Valerian Mengsk, instead. The prince revealed his ownership of the Foundation and offered an opportunity to save Sarah Kerrigan.[2]


The prince explained the components formed a xel'naga device capable of deinfesting Infested Kerrigan.[note 1][3] Raynor accepted Mengsk's offer for an alliance. Matt Horner and Tychus Findlay feared Raynor's personal feelings were leading them into a Dominion trap.[note 2][4][5] These concerns were shared by other Raiders and doubts on Raynor's leadership began spreading.[6]

Conversations after MissionEdit

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Gameplay & Video WalkthroughEdit

The environment hazard is the sea of flame advancing from the left side of the map. Units caught by the wall of flame will take 10 damage per second regardless of armor. Use Lift Off to move key structures to safer locations. 200 supply units are automatically provided so supply depots are not required.

The enemy has few air-to-air units and detectors are limited to mainly static photon cannons. On brutal difficulty the protoss use carriers as well. Prioritize the photon cannons to give cloaked Banshees total freedom.

The protoss base northwest of the starting position may be destroyed with 8-12 Banshees. Destroying the nexus leaves a resource cache. This can be useful since the emphasis is on building units rather than making a robust economy.

The mission consists of steadily moving right while destroying protoss bases, thus providing new areas to establish a base ahead of the fire. The goal is to assemble a large force during the move eastwards, enough to assault the main base on the east side of the map.

Supernova Starcraft II Brutal Mode Walkthrough (HD - Max Settings)14:08

Supernova Starcraft II Brutal Mode Walkthrough (HD - Max Settings)

Brutal Mode Walkthrough


Supernova SC2 Icon1 Supernova

15 (Artifact Mission) Achievement SC2 Game1

  • Complete all mission objectives
CoolRunning SC2 Icon1 Cool Running

10 (Artifact Mission) Achievement SC2 Game1

  • Lose no units to the wall of fire on normal difficulty.

The wall of fire moves fairly slowly so there is ample time to clear out the next protoss base and move. Buildings do not count as units; buildings and add-ons that cannot Lift Off may be safely left behind.

ShockNAwe SC2 Icon1 Shock 'n' Awe

10 (Artifact Mission) Achievement SC2 Game1

  • Destroy 75 units or structures with cloaked Banshees on hard difficulty.


  • The dropship is seen unloading five marines and a marauder during the introductory interlude, but the player actually starts with four marines and two marauders.[1]
  • Cut lines found in Galaxy Map Editor indicate that the player would have to deal with solar flares in addition to the wall of fire. Resource nodes would also be exposed as the fire melted the planet's crust. Horner would send down a second command center to speed up mining at some point.[7]


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