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The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II which is no longer valid.

Corruptor SC2 Cncpt2

Concept art of the corruptor on land

Corruptors have changed many times over the course of their development. However, they have always been an example of an anti-air unit.[1]

In the first phases of development the Corruptor were ground units.[2]

Corruption SC2 Icon2

The corruptor disables a building, which becomes covered in slime.[3]

Hotkey C[3]
Cost 75[3] Energy Terran SC1
Duration 30[3]Time SC2 Game1

Corruptors used to convert enemy air units into turrets.[4] The attack was technically a debuff, which lasted for about two seconds. If that unit was destroyed during this time, it became corrupted, regardless of which unit landed the final blow.[5] A corrupted unit became a stationary turret on the side of the zerg player.[4]

Corrupted UnitsEdit

Corrupted Mass[6]
BattlecruiserCorrupted SC2 CineZergTrail1


Base unit

The attacked unit

Life span

Limited[7] Time SC2 Game1



Ground attack

7[8] (damage is fixed, does not depend on original unit type)[9]

Air attack

7[8] (damage is fixed, does not depend on original unit type)[9]

Attack range


Corrupted units could attack ground and air units as well as structures. The player can control them, forcing them to attack certain targets.[8]

Corrupted units had a limited life span and would eventually die on their own. A ground unit affected by Anti-Gravity will return to the ground.[7]

If the corruptor corrupted a transport, such as a medivac dropship, the units inside perish.[10]

When corruptors attacked an enemy force, the opposing player must decide whether to destroy any corrupted units, whether to try to kill the corruptors, or whether to retreat.[11]

EnduringCorruption SC2 Game1
Enduring Corruption
Purchased from Hive[12]
Hotkey E[12]
Cost 150[12] Minerals Terran SC1 150[12] Gas Terran SC1 80[12]Time SC2 Game1

In Heart of the Swarm development, corruptors had a siphon ability, letting them attach to a building and suck out resources.[13] They will lose their Corruption ability.[14]


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