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"Arcturus... I presume you found your cold-sleep chamber... accommodating?"

Cryogenic hibernation is terran technology that was developed by the United Powers League.[1] A form of suspended animation, cryogenic hibernation provides a more pleasant alternative to the rigors of long trips through warp space, which is both mentally and physically exhausting.[2] Although it takes a fairly long amount of time to recover from the effects of stasis,[1] the use of CryoStims can speed up the recovery process.[3]


Cryogenic hibernation was first developed by the United Powers League in the twenty-third century, contributing greatly in the colonization of the Solar System. Its most notable use was the launching of four colony/prison ships, the Nagglfar, the Argo, the Sarengo and the Reagan to Gantris VI by Doran Routhe. Cryogenic hibernation kept the prisoners suspended for twenty-eight years before arriving at their unintended destination.[1]

Cryogenic hibernation is still used by the United Earth Directorate,[4] but appears to have fallen out of use in the Koprulu Sector, at least for space travel. However, cryo-storage is used for medical storage[5] and incarceration.[6][7][8]


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