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Cyn McCarthy







Dark blue


Bhekar Ro

Family and

Cyn McCarthy is a terran who lives on Bhekar Ro. Possessing a freckled complexion, she is good-natured and has a habit of offering help, yet often forgetting to follow up on her offers.


Cyn was married to Wyl McCarthy, a second-generation chemical engineer. However, like many other Bhekar Ro colonists, he was lost to the spore blight in 2498. Cyn was able to move on however, developing affections for fellow colonist Lars Bren, who was at an age where he could marry and as per the culture of their world, was expected to do so. However, although Cyn's feelings were mirrored by Lars' own, he never gave any outward sign of reciprocation.

With the emergence of a strange artifact in late 2500 and Lars being "absorbed" into said artifact, any chance of Cyn's feelings being reciprocated were seemingly removed in an instant, Lars' apparant death distressing her greatly. However, with the coming of zerg, protoss and Alpha Squadron forces to Bhekar Ro, grief had to be put aside, Cyn helping in the makeshift hospital alongside Shayna Bradshaw and Kirsten Warner. However, whilst the artifact released an energy creature that absorbed the protoss and zerg, its human prisoners were released, Lars included. Upon returning to Free Haven, Lars proposed to Cyn, an offer that she tearfully accepted.


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