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Dancing Thor, Zergling, Hydralisk00:19

Dancing Thor, Zergling, Hydralisk

Some dancing units

Dancing and cheering are two functions present in the StarCraft II game engine.


Selecting units and entering "/dance" in chat causes the units to dance for three seconds. Units may have two dances. "/cheer" causes them to cheer. These may be emotes from Warcraft III's units.

Reapers, infestor, most mechanical units, and flying units do not dance or cheer.

High Templar Dance00:31

High Templar Dance

Heart of the SwarmEdit

NEW Heart of the Swarm Dances!01:53

NEW Heart of the Swarm Dances!

For StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, three community-provided dances were added to the game. In addition, each race got one unit that does the Gangnam Style dance.[1]


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