Dannion Kortter was a Terran Dominion scientist working at Garxxax Base on the planet Garxxax. He was a good friend of Illyana Jorres, the security chief of the base, and would often get into arguments with the team lead Dr. Callins.


Dannion Kortter worked as a scientists manning the biospheres of Garxxax Base, studying the wildlife of the planet. When a zerg behemoth landed on the planet, a large earthquake shook the biosphere, and contact with Raynolds, another scientist, was lost in the third biosphere. Dannion expressed concern with Illyana went to check out the biosphere, but she told him that he had to go anyway.

As the biospheres began to go offline, Dannion began gathering the scientists in the central lounge to prepare them for evacuation. He went to search for Hesken, who had not reported in. As he moved to his dorm, he was contacted by Illyana, who told him zerg had arrived on the planet. He shouted for the science team to get to the armory, but by that time the zerg surrounded them. Illyana heard Dannion's death scream through her comms before it finally cut out.[1]


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