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"From the depths of a dark asteroid that lies deep in uncharted space, they watch and wait. Known only as the Dark Masters, they view all other beings as mere pawns to be manipulated in their quest for galactic dominance. Should they succeed in their plan, all sentient life in the universe will be forced into eternal servitude. Who will survive this galactic epic? The story unfolds Monday nights on the Galactic Entertainment Network -- entertainment for the new GENeration!"


Dark Masters
Dark Masters SC1 Map1








Dark Masters

Dark Masters logo

Dark Masters airs on Monday nights on the Galactic Entertainment Network, a summary of it is above.

Game MapEdit

The show serves as a trigger-based multiplayer map for StarCraft, supporting 2-6 players.


1999-01-08, Dark Masters StarCraft Compendium Map Archives. Accessed on 2007-11-04.

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