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Darsiris was a young protoss zealot who was part of the exiles who made it to Shakuras. He became a member of a team that was sent to recover one of the ancient colossi hidden by his people millennia before.

He was the youngest member of the group, never having seen actual combat before. On the way to their destination, he was surprised at how well he got along with their ship's Dark Templar pilot, Zoraya. Even though he could not understand her decision to sever her link to the Khala, he found her competent, and quite attractive.

Darsiris was stunned by the memories of Telbrus, who had seen the horrors of the fall of Aiur and blamed the Dark Templar for his inability to protect his brethren. During battle with the zerg and the automated defenses on the asteroid where the colossus was hidden, he manned the weapons station. Thanks to the sacrifice of their leader, the high templar Aldrion, Darsiris was able to escape with the rest of the team.


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