"One of the things I like about writing in this universe is that in a sense, this is the new "western." I used to love the classic westerns because they were about good guys and bad guys. For me, this is a kind of update -- better guns, of course -- but also because it's SF, there are places you can go, stories you can tell, things you can do that you could never do in a western, but that same basic frontier sensibility is there."

- Gerrold on writing for StarCraft(src)

David Gerrold, real name Jerrold David Friedman, is a science fiction author. He started his career in writing as a college student and has since branched out into numerous sci-fi series.

In addition to his StarCraft universe works, he also wrote Star Trek's "The Trouble with Tribbles".[1]

The idea for Fear the Reaper was pitched to Gerrold by Blizzard employees.[2]

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