"Dead Man's Rock? Not much to tell. Good place to hide out if you have to. Great place to do shady business, if that's what you're looking for. Dominion knows about it, but they never go there."

- R. M. Dahl, discussing her destination.(src)

Dead Man's Rock, officially designated D-3974 and sometimes spelt as "Deadman's Rock"[1] is a lawless planet far from Terran Dominion space. The Dominion knows of its existence but leaves it alone, as it is too far away and too difficult to police.[1][2]

Dead Man's Rock is split between various crime lords. There was a rivalry between those of Paradise and those of Deadman's Port.[3]

The planet's heart is riddled with an extensive cave system, which hides a number of secrets.[2]


The Dominion kept an eye on Dead Man's Rock, paying agents such as crime lord Ethan Stewart to do the work for them.[2]

In 2503,[4] archaeologist Jake Ramsey, bearing a strange mental phenomenon arrived after escaping from Dominion custody. Ramsey believed he was being pursued by Valerian Mengsk. Ramsey brought with him Rosemary Dahl, a mercenary assassin and Stewart sometimes girlfriend. Stewart "invited" Ramsey to his home and secretly passed the news to the Dominion. Ramsey and Dahl eventually discovered this second betrayal.[2]

The Battle of Dead Man's RockEdit

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Jake Ramsey and Dahl fled, but a small fleet[2]–commanded by Admiral Hector Santiago,[5] sent by Valerian Mengsk, blocked his way. Ramsey used a Khala-like technique which distracted Dominion forces long enough to escape.[2] After the confusion, Valerian Mengsk ordered half the fleet to return.[5]

Kerrigan felt the mental emanation, and sent a zerg force, which arrived several hours later, attacking Stewart's fortress and abducting him for later infestation. Arcturus Mengsk considered this an attack on the Dominion, and was mystified as to why the zerg would suddenly attack terrans years after the last war.[5]


The planet survived the zerg attack and remained a refuge for mercenaries and criminals during the Second Great War. Deadman's Port became its main settlement.[1] Afterward Gabriel Tosh, a mysterious arms dealer and pirate, appeared there. He was considered so dangerous he was barred from the seedy Deadman's Port by local mercenaries.[6]

The Second Great WarEdit

Large number of Dominion refugees fled to Dead Man's Rock following the zerg invasion of the Dominion during the Second Great War. Crime lord and mercenary leader Mira Han quietly supported the refugees.[7]

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Raynor's Raiders paid Orlan, a mercenary commander, to decrypt a Confederate adjutant holding information about the Battle of New Gettysburg. However, Orlan decided to sell the information to the Dominion instead.

Deadman's Port served as a battleground for Orlan's Mercenaries and Raynor's Raiders, which both tried to achieve the quota of 6000 minerals to buy the services of Mira's Mercs. Due to the limited mineral resources present on the port, the Raiders were forced to scavenge for scrap. The Raiders achieved the quota first, and used the mercenaries to destroy Orlan's base and recover the Confederate Adjutant.[1]

Flashpoint ConflictEdit

Dead Man's Rock became embroiled in the Flashpoint Conflict when the Hyperion and Bucephalus, carrying Jim Raynor, Sarah Kerrigan and Valerian Mengsk fled from the Dominion Armada and used it as a hiding place. Mira Han was only able to protect them for a short time before they were forced to flee again.[7]


The planet's space view is identical to that of Port Zion.


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