Declan Moore was a leader of the Screaming Skulls. He had ghostly pale skin and as with the rest of the mercenaries, had a gold hoop in his ear and could convey a happy, go-lucky attitude. However, this projected personality was nothing like the man he really was.

Moore had a cutlass as a weapon and smoked cigars.


In 2494, Moore was the leader of the Skulls. In this year, the group entered into a partnership of sorts with outlaws Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay, buying some "liberated" crystals from them at a good price. The transaction was conducted at the Pit without incident. Immediately afterward, he offered them another job to steal port junker logs from Refurbish and Recovery Station 5034. In reality though, this was a double-cross to deliver them into the hands of bounty hunter Ezekiel Daun.[1]

By 2502, Moore's place as leader of the Skulls had been taken by Wendell Carver.[2]


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