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Defiler SC2 Art1

The defiler

The defiler was a zerg breed that used toxic substances to support other zerg forces.


Defiler SC1 Art1

A defiler during the Great War

The defiler was a relatively rare zerg breed, resembling a silverfish in appearance and acting akin to a 'cancer factory' in function.[1] Its core genus, if it had one, is unknown, as the defiler contained the DNA of all other zerg breeds[2] and, unlike the larva, used them to synthesize virus-like biochemicals.[1] These biochemicals were extremely hazardous, resistant to the most effective anti-toxins, and, paradoxically, dangerous even to the zerg.[1] Defilers were known to cannibalize other zerg to fuel the metasynaptic processes that generated the biochemicals,[2] often accompanied by zergling escorts for this very reason.[1]

The defiler's body was host to countless small organisms that lived on the carapace, constantly feeding on each other.[2] The defiler could spontaneously launch a number of these creatures to swarm a location that make it difficult to target anything under the ensuing cloud. In addition, defilers could produce corrosive spores and hurl them at a target area, the spores exploding in a dense cloud. The highly toxic mist that resulted corroded anything it touched.[2] The spores were also prone to igniting due to a flammable accelerant contained in them.[3]

By the end of the Second Great War, the defiler had been replaced by the viper.[4]

Game UnitEdit


For StarCraft gameplay information see: Defiler (StarCraft).

StarCraft IIEdit

Defiler SC2 Game1

Defiler bones

In StarCraft II, the defiler has been replaced by the Infestor.[5] The viper also has similar traits.

Wings of LibertyEdit

The bones of defilers appear in Wings of Liberty as zerg research subjects on the level The Great Train Robbery.[6]

Heart of the SwarmEdit

An untextured defiler model is included in the Galaxy Map Editor for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm.[7]

Known DefilersEdit

Defiler SC1 Head1

A defiler up close

Variant StrainsEdit


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