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This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

Deimos Vikings are advanced versions of vikings used by Matt Horner in the End War against Amon. They were part of the elite of the Dominion Fleet, and were augmented with mercenary technology from Mira's Marauders, adding additional shredder rounds and W.I.L.D. missiles to their arsenal.[1]

Game UnitEdit

Deimos Vikings are units available to Han and Horner in Co-op Missions, counting as a Horner unit and available from the Dominion starport. They can be called down anywhere on the map where the player has vision in a group of two. They can be upgraded to have attacks that go through targets in assault mode, and extra missile packs that deal 10 damage to targets around the viking.

Abilities and UpgradesEdit

Deimos Vikings in Fighter Mode can launch 5 rockets at an enemy. Each rocket deals 15 (+25 vs armored) damage to the target unit.

Hotkey W
Cooldown 20Time SC2 Game1
Hotkey B
Cost 100 Minerals Terran SC1 100 TerranVespene SC2 Game1 90Time SC2 Game1
ShredderRounds Game1
Shredder Rounds

Attacks from Deimos Vikings in Assault Mode pierce, dealing damage to enemy units behind the target. Deimos Viking transform time reduced by 75%

Campaign Acquisition
Acquired from Reach Han and Horner Level 7
Hotkey R
Cost 200 Minerals Terran SC1 100 TerranVespene SC2 Game1 90Time SC2 Game1
Required Armory
TacticalJump Game1
Tactical Jump

Asteria Wraiths, Deimos Vikings, and Theia Ravens can use Tactical Jump, warping them to any location, even if not visible. Aircraft is invulnerable while warping

Hotkey T
Cooldown 60Time SC2 Game1
Hotkey Q
Cost 150 Minerals Terran SC1 150 TerranVespene SC2 Game1 90Time SC2 Game1


  • Deimos is an ancient Greek deity, a personification of the terror caused by war.


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