Private Delme served in Terran Dominion 128th Platoon. She was friends with medic Maren Ayers.


Delme accompanied the rest of the Iron Jesters to the planet of Sorona, where they were abandoned by their battlecruiser so it could get upgrades.

The platoon was quickly ambushed by zerglings. During the battle, Private Braden was killed, and when Maren Ayers tried to heal him anyway, Delme stopped her from doing so.

Near the end of the Siege of Cask, Ayers analyzed the corpses of dead zerglings beyond the defensive barriers. Delme believed Ayers might have been committing suicide. Ayers discovered an explosive component within a zergling's corpse while autopsying it, causing her room to explode. Lt. Travis Orran believed this was a suicide attempt, and Delme was assigned to watch over Ayers.

Ayers had contacted the Terran Dominion with this information, and believed the Dominion would finally come to rescue them. Delme didn't seem to believe her, however. Delme was considerably relieved when Lt. Orran let Ayers out of confinement due to her boredom.

In the final battle, only Lt. Orran and Maren Ayers made it out alive.[2]


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