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"Your brother was a criminal, Staton, and not a bright one. If he'd had an ounce of your control, he would have only spent a couple weeks locked up for petty theft. Instead he killed two civilians for the handful of credits in their pockets and didn't even manage to get three blocks before the law caught up with him."

- Warden Kejora on Dennis(src)

Dennis Staton





TerranDominion Logo2a Terran Dominion

Reaper Corps

Reaper trainee

Family and

Gabriel Staton (brother)

Dennis Staton was a criminal who was conscripted into the Reaper Corps.

Staton killed two civilians for their credits. Law enforcement quickly apprehended him and he was conscripted into the Reaper Corps. He didn't even last a week into training—one of the nutrient batches given out to the recruits turned a few of his vital organs into slush, killing him. Warden Kejora later reflected that Staton had been "an unremarkable, useless recruit."

Staton's brother infiltrated the Corps to avenge him, but failed.[1]


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